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Bowel Cancer: Signs, Symptoms and Giving Yourself The Best Chance at Treatment

Bowel Cancer claims the lives of 5,000 Australians every year. It the third most diagnosed cancer and the second-leading cause of cancer related death.

Early detection and treatment of bowel cancer greatly reduces the nature and extent of the disease, saving lives. Improved education, practices and procedures in screening and detecting symptoms have had […]

Cosmetic Surgery: Going Under The Knife For An Abdominoplasty

More and more Australians are embarking on healthier lifestyles and choosing to lose weight. Many are turning to cosmetic surgery as the final step in their transformation.

An abdominoplasty (commonly known as a ‘tummy tuck’) is a procedure to remove excess skin or tissue that is left behind following dramatic weight loss. It is […]

Fly In Fly Out Surgery in Regional Areas

Bariatric surgery is becoming an increasingly common procedure in Australia in the treatment of obesity.

Patients located outside of major metropolitan areas often choose fly in fly out surgeons from Melbourne or Sydney. This is more and more common in the treatment and management of bariatric surgery in rural settings.

Although access to […]

Stroke Diagnosis and Management at Albury/Wodonga Health

Policies and procedures only have value when they are followed and executed. Otherwise, they are less useful than a hat in a thunderstorm.

Despite improvements to pathways for stroke management at Albury Wodonga Health promising better patient outcomes as touted in the Border Mail in 2017 (Albury-Wodonga Health stroke unit reconfigured for better patient outcomes; […]

Mediation & Conciliation – What’s the big deal?

It could be a battle of wills concerning parenting issues, a dispute with an insurer about payment for treatment in some workers compensation cases, or a negotiation process to resolve a common law claim. Maybe it’s a conflict within the workplace, or two business who are having a fight. Parties can become bogged down with […]

Dr., No – That Treatment Wasn’t Necessary

By Kate Williams – Medical Law Consultant

In the last ten years a number of medical negligence cases have been brought that allege the medical treatment recommended by a doctor was unnecessary. Unnecessary as the patient’s medical condition did not :

Warrant the recommended treatment ; Require surgery as a misdiagnosis was made of the […]

Saying “Sorry” – Helpful, Not Harmful.

Adverse medical outcomes, preventable or otherwise are a reality of medical care. Most importantly, adverse events impact patients – but they also impact healthcare practitioners.

Disclosing information about adverse events has benefits […]

Is Surgery Always The Best Option?

On 26 November 2018 after reading the ABC investigative piece concerning the Impact of Defective Medical Devices in Australia, I posted on Don Cameron and Associates website the following comment:

“…The scale and nature of adverse medical outcomes that Australians have suffered who have received medical devices to “treat” medical and surgical conditions has been […]

Medical Device Mistakes: ABC’s Latest Discovery

The arrival of Medical Law specialist Kate Williams as a consultant lawyer at Don Cameron & Associates has coincided with the release of an investigative piece by the ABC today about medical devices and their use worldwide. On the findings and her own experiences, Kate had this to say:

The scale and nature of adverse […]