• Medical Negligence

    With over two decades of experience in medical negligence litigation, Kate leads our team of experienced and committed legal professionals.


Medical Negligence

With over two decades of experience in medical negligence litigation, Kate leads our team of experienced and committed legal professionals.

Medical Law

If you have an injury arising from medical, dental and/or allied health treatment, we can provide advice as to your rights to seek compensation.

Kate Williams benefits from her history as a Registered Nurse, and understands the medical system, and what treatment clients ought to have received in any given case.

Having worked in a major national plaintiff firm for over a decade, Kate has assessed more than 2,000 claims. With this knowledge spanning 25 years, she can efficiently provide clients with a case analysis, allowing cases to be assessed and commence without delay.

Dental Negligence

Claims arising out of dental negligence can involve your general dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon or other sub-specialties of dentistry. Usually, cases arise because of poor planning (recommending the wrong course of treatment) or the right treatment plan with timeframes between intervention that are too short. Cases can also arise when a Dentist who isn’t qualified to perform the surgery they recommend does the surgery themselves, often in their consulting room without proper a proper surgical setting being available (or adequate post-operative follow up)

Dental claims are a highly technical area of medical negligence claims and need the right expert specialties examining the right information to provide an informed opinion. We have a particular expertise in dental claims specifically and have achieved excellent results in this complicated area.

Our commitment to
you and your case

Your first contact

Unlike most law firms that handle enquiries through hotlines manned by law students or administrative staff, your very first conversation with us will be with a qualified lawyer who understands medical negligence. From the get-go you will have someone that knows what they are doing and what they are talking about.

We will get to know you personally

You will get to know your lawyer with regular communications about your case. Rather than cold emails or text messages we prefer to speak with you face to face or on the telephone to get to know you and your individual situation, as well as to build your trust and to give you the most value out of each conversation.

Specialist Expertise and Courageous representation

Like properly provided medical treatment, winning your case involves meticulous preparation and good execution. We plan, anticipate and execute an individual strategy in each case to maximise your compensation and give you honest advice.

Decades of Expertise

With decades of experience in medical law claims, insurance issues, and complex cross-border cases, our team are well equipped to win your case and confront any difficulties and adversaries that arise.

We act for clients across Australia for medical treatment and advice provided in New South Wales and Victoria.

Specialists in medical negligence claims

Your Medical Law Team

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